Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring is Back!

Hello Fellow Scientists!

Hurray! The ice has finally melted and spring has begun to pop up all over the place here at SMLI. April is the beginning of our busy season, so all of us teachers have been running about planning and prepping for our spring holiday workshop week. Dozens of families have already registered their children for our daily programs, including; Biological Bonanza, The Art of Science, Walk the Plank, and more. While space is limited, there are still some openings, so make sure to call the registrar before our classes fill up!

Aside from our week of workshops, this time of year also starts our butterfly season! Our first order of Painted Lady caterpillars has been placed and our little critters should be arriving soon. But this year we have introduced a new exciting way for families to participate in this amazing activity, Butterfly Birthday Parties! If your child has a birthday during the months of April-June, you can throw them a butterfly themed party here at the museum. All children will receive a living caterpillar to take home and watch as it grows and changes into a beautiful Painted Lady butterfly!

You can book a birthday party or register for any of our holiday workshops by calling our registrar at (516) 627-9400 ext. 10.

See you soon!

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